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We provide animation and video services

Animated Explainer Videos

Using our perfectly planned process which includes unlimited amends we'll deliver a crafted explainer video that explains your product, business or message exactly. We don't do cheap 'off the shelf' explainer videos, just individually tailored beautiful ones.

Cutting edge 3D animation

Animated YouTube Intro ident

Let our designers go to town and produce a professional 3 second ident for your youTube channel. It will ensure you stand out amongst the sea of Youtube videos. We love doing these, there's always a quick turn around, fun design at a price that suits everyone. We include unlimted amends to ensure you're more than happy.

Visual FX, green screen, video

Animated viral marketing video

We can bring original ideas, development and production skills to bare on your marketing videos. To ensure you have the very best chance of going viral and reaching huge audiences and potential customers.

Mobile and Game developing

App and game promotional videos

We can work with you to produce a stunning video that explains the highlights of your app or game to showcase on your chosen app store alongside your description. We also make our own indie games/apps and know what works well. (*we don't currently offer in house developing as a service).


Here's a few sneaky peaks at projects we're working on or have recently finished.

Video special effects and magic

show video

Camera Tracking TestAnimation R&D

Animation showreel

show video

Our new showreelAnimation and Video

Audio Invaders Image

see project

iOS Audio Indie GameGame Developing

Blog news and articles

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  • Creative Treatments

    We're available to offer our full creative services, whether its for yourself or for a client of your own. We will work with you to create a selection of original ideas to convey the message and information needed in creative and stylish ways. Creating scripts, storyboards, animatics and more. With a constant eye on the latest technology and animation styles we're able to make sure your creative treatments are up to date and guarantee impactful and professional results. Delivering orignal pitch's for your marketing campaigns, online advertising videos, product promos, information videos, event videos, animated idents and so much more.

    Story Boarding

    We will produce storyboards for all our projects as we see it as an important step to create the video you the client are after. We use mixed media to create the storyboards often quickly sketching out ideas, scene progression, camera moves and general look and feel. When creating motion graphic based videos we use Photoshop or After effects to build the basic assets needed for the final animation during the storyboarding process, speeding up the animation production stage further down the line.


    At the heart of everything we do is animation, bringing any subject to life using the wide variety of tools and styles at our disposal. It really can be used on any project and mixed with video or be stand alone. Whether it's for your marketing video, advertising campaign, conference opener, training video or something new as long as its moving pixels we can help. Our award winning team have worked on a wide range of animation style videos. Creating fully rigged 2D and 3D characters inside the latest professional software, or creating hand drawn characters using traditional animation techniques on our trusty light boxes with our favorite 2B pencils. We tend to think of animation and motion graphics being very similar and they generally go hand in hand with each other, mixing icons, text and graphics with animated characters, vehicles and environments. Animation can obviously be used along side live action video whether its a simple animated title for a speaker or a fully 3D world.

    Motion Graphics

    Any stat, nugget of information or idea can be brought to life with the use of motion graphics. Mixing countless styles together, advanced techniques, unique transitions and timing. We make use of the latest software and rely on our own experience in the industry to always deliver exciting visuals for your promo videos and animations. With the advancements made in computers and software over the past 10 years we can now deliver Hollywood quality visuals in a fraction of the time it took just a few years ago. 2D and 3D corporate graphics can be mixed together with live action video and stock footage to create the branded message you require. We'll work with you from the start to make sure we're always on track to deliver the final video your after in the time and budget required.

    3D Animation

    We use a mixture of 3D software to make the most exciting impressive videos we can. We create 3D graphics and animation on a daily basis either as stand alone visuals or to mix in with corporate talking head videos, television series and adverts, playful fun motion graphics, advanced camera tracked footage and so much more. We have the talent on board to create any object required from a replica of a new golf club to a fully boned and rigged life like character for use in a childrens animated Tv series or Film. We've also got vast experience producing Stereoscopic animation for use with 3D television sets making the latest in video technology available at a price you can hopefully afford.

    Visual FX

    A real passion of ours which goes side by side with our animation services is Visual FX. Whether it is to be added to an animated scene or mixed in with filmed live action footage. We can work with green screen and blue screen video to key out the background and place your actors in a 3D environment. Add an extra city scape into your filmed footage, explosions, smoke, lens flares, colour grading and so much more. It's an area of the film and television business we're all passionate about and know we have the talent on board to deliver top level results. We able to compete with the the UK's biggest studios all from our South Devon coastal studio location, in Wembury just outside of Plymouth.

    App & Game Developing

    We've now released 6 apps to the iOS and Android app stores plus over 20 project templates which we sell from our website. Making use of 3d party software we're able to build fully functional games and apps quickly and professionally. We're able to use our skills in animation and design to make sure every thing we create has a unique look and feel with a solid level of polish throughout. At this time we're not openly offering our development services. We are however on hand to produce professional orginal promo sales videos for your own app and game releases to showcase them on your repsective app stores.

    Film, Television, Web, Bluray

    No matter what sort of video or animation technique and style is used we can always deliver in any needed format. We always create out work in HD 1920 x 1080 (we can do 4K if required) and will export to any required digital format for no extra cost. So we're more than happy to provide your video for what ever its purpose in mp4 (with h.264 encoding which is ideal for website hosting and youtube), flvs (website friendly but not very ipad or mobile friendly), uncompressed movs (to make sure you have the highest quality), Pro Res, AVI, WMV (Often preferred for PowerPoint), Quicktime Movs, DVD, BluRay. Quite simple any format you can think of we will deliver.


    Our animation and design studio is based in the South West of England, just outside of Plymouth, though thanks to the magic of the internet and modern travel we can and do work for just about anyone and anywhere. Based in Wembury just 10 minutes outside of Plymouth in South Devon. Wembury is a small village with a stunning beach and coastline. We're made up of a talented team of very experienced designers with over 15 years of experience in the creative video and design industries. We strive to push the limit of the quality of design and animation we can deliver for any given budget.

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